Xtreme Extractor Clean


Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

Grease from the kitchen travels into the canopy, through the filters, into ducting leading to the fan and can settle in these areas. A spark from cooking can ignite this settled grease and cause severe damage to the building and the surrounds as well as create a potential danger to the persons there. Each commercial kitchen owner must ensure that the system is clean and safe. Xtreme Extractor Clean cleans the extraction system in accordance with the South African National Standards.

Some companies only clean the areas where you can see but Xtreme Extractor Clean cleans into the ducting and the fan. We photograph and document each clean and take air flow readings before and after the clean. We will remove built up residues, fats and thick grease which will help keep your system operating efficiently and effectively.

Cleaning of extraction canopies
Cleaning extraction filters
Cleaning extraction ducts (where accessible)
Cleaning extraction fans & motors (where accessible)

Additional Services

  • We provide a reminder service to keep you informed of when you are due for a clean so that your certificate does not expire.
  • We provide a certificate of cleanliness
  • Scheduling a clean is easy